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The Best Apps for College Students

Heather Vacca - Monday, March 27, 2017
The Best Apps for College Students

According to a 2015 McGraw-Hill Education report, 77 percent of students said that mobile devices helped improve their grades. Sixty-two percent of students said that technology allowed them to feel more prepared for class. Not all education apps are created equal, however. Only some are effective at helping students succeed in college, especially when it comes time to suffer through all-nighters and midterms.

Below is a collection of our favorite apps for college students in 2017. We’re sure you will find them to be a good use of your time as well!


For years, Evernote has been one of the most popular note-taking apps, and it keeps getting better. The interface proves helpful for college students, as it allows you to take notes, attach files, set reminders and organize to-do lists. The app also has a camera feature, making it easy to save any photo or document. Free users get a maximum limit of 60 MB per month.


College students save and send tons of files, and many of them get lost or misplaced. To streamline these important documents, Dropbox lets you store and share up to 2 GB worth of photos, videos and docs. You can also add notes to any of the files, a feature that comes in handy when working on group projects.

Thanks to the recent partnership with Microsoft, it’s now possible to edit Microsoft Office files on your mobile device and save them to Dropbox.

My Study Life

Ditch the traditional paper planners and replace them with the My Study Life app. This app lets you keep track of your workload across all devices. Manage your college courses by week or day, keep track of projects in the cloud and receive notifications about upcoming exams. The ability to color code makes at-a-glance calendar checks even simpler.


We all know that college students aren’t the best financial record keepers, but Mint helps out with that. This money-management app helps you create a reasonable budget, track your spending habits and calculate your credit score. By knowing where your money is going, you can set budgets that you can stick to.

Sleep Time

Despite what young people think, pulling all-nighters is not a healthy way to live. Getting sleep is important during college, and the Sleep Time app can promote a better sleep cycle. Sleep Time uses sleep science research to analyze your sleep stages. You are carefully woken up based on these cycles, and the app can determine how caffeine or stress affects your night. It also takes the place of an expensive fitness tracker. Double win!


The Chegg app provides information about textbook sales and rentals, saving users up to 90 percent off traditional book prices. Additionally, the Chegg Tutor app connects you with live tutors who are happy to help answer questions on your assignments. Both apps require you to be a member, which costs $14.99 a month.

With a wide range of mobile apps, college students can stay organized, keep on top of their grades and manage their finances accordingly. You’re already on your smartphone all day anyway - might as well take advantage of the useful apps that are out there! If you’ve got an idea for a mobile app in any situation, contact a trusted mobile apps developer today!

The Rise of Mobile Commerce

Heather Vacca - Monday, March 13, 2017
The Rise of Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce has been on the rise for years, and it continues to get bigger. The U.S. Department of Commerce reported that online sales in the United States totaled $394.86 billion in 2016. That’s a 15.6% increase from 2015, the highest growth rate since 2013. It hasn’t been until more recently, however, that mobile commerce has chipped away at desktop commerce.

Just what is mobile commerce and how does it differ from traditional eCommerce?

Mobile commerce involves shopping through a mobile device or mobile application, while eCommerce is shopping through a desktop or laptop computer. Thanks to a wide range of technological advancements, the availability of Wifi and a growing use of mobile devices and apps, more and more people are using their smartphones and tablets to shop for products and services.

Advantages and Disadvantages to Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is becoming the more practical and preferred way to shop online. Mobile shopping can be done anytime, anywhere, making it convenient for users on the go. Commerce sites like have one-click buying options that allow mobile users to buy a product in a few clicks. However, the general mobile shopping experience is a nightmare.

Many users get so frustrated during the mobile shopping process that they end up abandoning their cart. Consider that in the second quarter of 2015, adults in the U.S. spent 59% of their time on mobile and 41% on desktop, but only 15% of their dollars actually go to mobile spending. Eighty-five percent of their dollars go to desktop.

Some of the most common reasons why the mobile commerce experience can be poor include:

  • Small screen sizes

  • Hard-to-enter fields of information

  • Difficult-to-read product descriptions

  • Websites that aren’t mobile optimized

  • Speed due to spotty Wifi connections

  • Less security when entering payment information

Improving the Mobile Commerce Experience

Tech companies and online retailers are addressing the issues associated with mobile commerce, such as by offering larger screen sizes, buy buttons on social channels, one-click checkouts and optimized sites.

Another route for retailers is to develop a mobile app. Mobile apps take away many of the common problems that exist with traditional websites. They’re fast, secure and designed specifically for mobile users.

Many mobile apps can be used offline and be personalized to the user’s needs. This leads to better user experiences while keeping brands connected to customers wherever they go. With the option for push notifications, users can also be alerted for things like new products, special offers and more.

Mobile commerce is not going away. To best serve the needs of your customers and not leave them feeling frustrated, consider building a mobile app and talk about your options with a trusted mobile app developer. In conjunction with a responsive website, you will be able to provide mobile shoppers with a highly intuitive and flawless experience that encourages them to complete their order - and come back again.

Tech Start-Ups Currently on the Rise

Heather Vacca - Thursday, March 02, 2017
Tech Start-Ups Currently on the Rise

Fresh new tech startups are everywhere these days, aspiring to be the next Snapchat or Yik Yak. Of course, there’s no reason why these startups can’t work. Compared to larger firms, smaller companies tend to have flexible work environments and casual personalities, leading to enhanced creativity and innovation. At the same time, the competition for startups is stiff.

Let’s take a look at some of the latest tech startups on the rise and why they might just be the game changers they intend to be.


We know how popular Uber and Lyft have become, so what could stop Getaround from, well, getting around?

Getaround is an app that lets you rent cars from other people as opposed to a traditional rental company like Budget. The app has seen significant growth in a short amount of time in terms of revenue and user base. With options for people to earn extra income, plus built-in smart technology that makes the renting process safe and easy, this startup is built for success.


Metromile has been operating under the radar for a few years now, but they’ve been busy. In the fall of last year, the company announced that it had raised nearly $200 million in a series of investment rounds while aligning itself to become the next big independent auto insurer.

What makes this tech startup company unique is that it charges drivers by the mile. It’s a great alternative for low-mileage drivers, with fees around $35 a month. The company has even teamed up with Uber to offer personal and commercial insurance.


When you want to manage your investments via your smartphone, there are no shortage of apps. So what makes New York-based Stash a winner with over 300,000 users?

For one, people like the fact that they can invest as little as $5 to get started. Second, Stash is a great option for people who are just beginning to grow their nest egg. The choices are not overwhelming, and there are a ton of interactive tools that allow users to feel in charge of their investments.

With catchy portfolio options and a focus on the millennial generation, Stash is a feel-good app with plenty of potential.

The above startups are just a few examples of tech companies on the rise. Plenty more are showing their true colors and exciting us for what’s to come. Thanks to these incredible startups, people have more options to manage their finances and generate extra income on the side, two essentials in life that give these apps momentum to grow.

When is the Freemium Model the Way to Go?

Heather Vacca - Friday, February 17, 2017
When is the Freemium Model the Way to Go?

The freemium model makes sense for a lot of businesses. Pandora, Evernote and Dropbox are a few examples of freemium success stories. While the model has clearly worked for some, other businesses haven’t been as lucky. The freemium model is powerful, but it can become a costly cycle of supporting non-paying customers.

In this post, we are going to discuss what the freemium model is and when it makes sense to use it for your business.

What is the Freemium Model?

The purpose of the freemium model is to give away a service for free to acquire customers through word of mouth, organic search marketing and referral networks. As people learn to love your product, they will have the option to pay for a premium version of it. This is how you make money.

The nice thing about this sales model is that you can operate outside a traditional sales-driven marketing strategy. Customers learn about your product on their own time, and you get to relax. You can also gather user data to better understand what features customers like and dislike.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

If the freemium model was always successful, everyone would be using it. The biggest problem is that it can become a costly trap. People might take advantage of the free version and never upgrade to the paid version.

If you choose to go this route, your premium version needs to offer something relevant and meaningful, such as an ad-free experience, extra storage, additional features, etc.

Is Your Business a Good Fit for the Model?

While you won’t know the true impact of the model until you try it, here are some signs that it will be a good fit for your startup.

  • You are confident that your service is at the top of its class. It should be high in quality and stand apart from your competitors’. People will be testing it out - so you can’t drop the ball!

  • People will be willing to convert to paid users. If your service offers value, then your paid version should offer even more. Be ready to list the benefits.

  • The cost of duplicating and distributing your product is similar or the same. Thanks to mobile app solutions and SaaS, it doesn’t matter if you create 100 or 10,000 of your product. The cost is the same.

  • Your product is easy to use and understand. People will be learning about your service on their own, so they should be able to educate themselves.

  • You have a wide reach and a large market. Only a small number of people will convert to paid customers, so it’s important to have a large market to work with.

The freemium model has ample opportunity for growth and success, but it won’t work for everyone. If you think it can benefit your startup, than let's get started and make your brand name a household one.

The Perfect Apps to Save Money With

Heather Vacca - Tuesday, January 31, 2017
The Perfect Apps to Save Money With

Saving money can feel like a challenge. How do you keep your spending in check? The old advice of "keep track of all of your purchases" and "skip the morning coffee to save cash!" doesn't always work. Fortunately, it's easier than ever to create a budget and stay on track with it. We have apps for everything, from counting calories to workout routines. No matter your financial goals, you can be sure an app development company has thought of an app that can meet your needs. But exactly what kind of apps are the best to help you stay financially fit?

We all know that twenty-somethings don't have time to create a budget, let alone keep track of their spending. After all, it’s more exciting to spend your free time playing Candy Crush or ordering a pizza on a mobile app. However, the right app can make saving and budgeting feel as easy and fun as playing a mobile game!

There are a lot of mobile finance apps out there. What makes them work?

Mint: Mint is one of the most well-known money-management apps out there. It lets you manage your money all in one place - and gives you reminders so you always pay your bills on time. The clean interface and ability to track all bills and accounts in one place make it appealing to all kinds of users. At Mobiletek, we have years of experience and the enthusiasm to match. We can help you bring your unique finance app into reality, and give it the attention, and interface, it deserves.

Acorn:, in an article about personal finance apps, also recommends Acorn. Like the tiniest acorn can grow into the biggest tree, Acorn works like a cashback rewards system: when you connect your card and start making purchases, Acorn rounds the purchase up to the next dollar, and automatically invests the spare change. It's convenient and you don't have to think about it - a perfect tool for Millennials who are looking to grow their investment portfolio, one step at a time.

If your company offers financial services, and want to access the mobile audience, an experienced custom mobile apps developing company can help you develop a customized presence across all mobile platforms. Whether it's an idea for offering tax reminders on Snapchat or tweets about how to save for retirement, a trusted company can help you develop the right idea and make sure it's consistent across all devices.

You've got an app in mind. You know you want to bring it to life, but aren't sure where to start. It will pay to reach out to an experienced custom application development company that will work with you to design the perfect solution that will give your customers a rich and rewarding experience.

The Best Fitness Apps Currently Available

Heather Vacca - Thursday, January 26, 2017
The Best Fitness Apps Currently Available

We all want to stay in shape and there has never been an easier time to do so than now. We have apps that can help us manage all aspects of fitness from calorie counters to devices that keep track of the number of steps we take each day. No matter what you need help with, you can be sure an app developing company has thought of it. But exactly what kind of apps are the best to help you stay fit and healthy?

Charity Miles

This is a very popular free app that allows you to walk, cycle, or run for charity. The app monitors each mile you take, and corporate sponsors pay a few cents each time you complete one. Although it might not seem like a lot, cents quickly add up. You can enjoy the exercise you like while doing something positive, too.

Fit Radio

This radio subscription allows you to choose from countless music options to match your heart rate and to provide a steady even pace for your exercise. You can choose from many different music styles as well as many different exercise options. Have you always wanted to do a Zumba class at home? This app helps you find the right music for it.


This app is a very popular option these days. Most people use along with the special device made for the app, but if you carry your phone with you all day, you do not need to necessarily buy the device. This app monitors your footsteps and lets you know what kind of exercises you can do to burn a few calories. You can log in your weight and other pertinent information for the most accurate results.

Jefit Workout

Keeping track of your reps at the gym has never been easier than with this app. It helps you monitor all the reps you do and can even provide recommendations on what to attempt next. The handy calendar allows you to plan workouts days ahead for the best results.

Customized Apps

There are many ways that you can stay healthy and fit. At Mobiletek, we make it possible for you to create the exact app you want for your exercise routine. We work with all platforms, including Android, so that you can create the app you really want to use. Our mobile apps design expertise is one of the best around, allowing you to use your imagination to build the app you want to use.

The Best Apps for Small Businesses

Heather Vacca - Monday, January 09, 2017
The Best Apps for Small Businesses

If you're a small business owner, you may be wondering what types of apps would best serve your customers and employees. Whether your business involves online shopping or door-to-door sales, developing an app to solve your problems can be a helpful and profitable idea. With this easy-to-follow guide, we'll show off some of the best ways your small business can benefit from developing a personalized mobile app.

Online Shopping

Many of the biggest retailers use mobile apps to facilitate purchases and bring in extra revenue. Retail businesses rely on the convenience of smartphone shopping to encourage spending, often with in-app deals and promotions. With plenty of great reasons for your business to have a mobile app, it's easy to see why an online shopping app will increase your business's sales and customer engagement. If you're overwhelmed at the thought of developing an entire online shopping app, our Mobiletek developers and designers can take care of all the details. If your small business relates to retail, an online shopping app is a must.

Customer Service

Customers logging complaints and communicating with support may find a mobile app to be the most convenient method of getting the help they need. Through custom app development, we're sure your small business can have a streamlined customer service experience. Smartphone application developers should tailor the smartphone app to its specific industry so it remains relevant to the customer. Whether customers need to resolve issues with orders or require technical help with products, a customer-focused mobile app will prove to be invaluable.

Company Communication

Whether your small business has a couple of members or a whole team of employees, it's vital to stay organized. Any small business can benefit from mobile apps that keep everyone connected and up-to-date. A bakery may use a personalized mobile app to keep consistent track of inventory, while a sales team may input info to a shared database for maximum organization. We are confident that anyone can benefit from a communicative mobile app tailored to their specific business or niche.

Loyalty Rewards

As Melanie Haselmayr points out in an insightful Forbes article about apps for small businesses, maintaining an app can seriously help with boosting visibility. Mobile app design companies know that marketing and reach are just as important as quality content. Your rewards app will keep your business in customers' minds as they check their smartphone throughout the day. If used wisely, you can even rely on push notifications to keep customers updated on what's going on in your small business. With a loyalty rewards app, your customers will spend more money and remember your business in the digital world.

How to Build on a Great App Idea

Heather Vacca - Friday, December 16, 2016
How to Build on a Great App Idea

Once you have a great app idea, how do you polish it into a gem your users will love? With these simple tips, you can easily understand how to bring your app idea to life and give it the success it deserves.

Add Value

Every mobile apps developer should consider how their app brings value to the customer. A great app idea should provide anything from expert advice to speedy services for a more engaging user experience. Our mobile app development services do just that by making people's lives easier. For example, we developed Mobiletek Classic with a focus on improving the daily tasks of shippers when it comes to deliveries and orders. With a specific need in mind, we were able to add value to customers and refine an already great app idea.


In the overcrowded online world of mobile apps, it's more important than ever to get your app out there and show it to the right people. If you have a great app idea, you can make it even better by considering the best ways to get your finished product in the hands of users before you even start development. Marketing begins long before you publish a finished product. Whether you want to create an online shopping app or a social network, marketing is key. By integrating social media and fine-tuning your app to your potential audience, your great app idea is sure to succeed.


The best smartphone application developers know that a great idea is only a starting point. The most important aspect of the creative process is simply to put in the time making something that works. Once you create a prototype, you can iterate on that design to build something successful. A/B testing is a vital factor in prototyping to determine whether your design decisions are successful. Through A/B testing and iterative design, you can determine what works best and make data-based decisions, rather than trusting your gut. With our app development services, we'll be sure to deliver the best mobile app after a thorough development process.

Be Unique

At Mobiletek, we dream big. The world of mobile apps is overcrowded, so it's imperative to focus on individuality when designing and developing a mobile app. By creating something innovative and unique, we show our clients the value of ingenuity. Just what does it take to create something that stands out from the crowd? Our best advice is to search for any unmet needs in your industry. If you can solve a problem, your app could be the next big tool everyone relies on. When we designed hyperSHIP, we wanted to provide a detailed and straightforward way for businesses to sell items. By creating a stunning app that fills a need and stands out from the crowd, we were able to succeed. With these easy app development tips, your great app idea is sure to be a winner.

The Stages of Mobile App Growth

Heather Vacca - Wednesday, November 23, 2016
The Stages of Mobile App Growth

So you have an idea for an app: You know how you want to reach out to customers, how the user interface should look, and how everything should work together to give your customers precisely the experience they deserve. This is all great, but how do you ink in those rough sketches and print those mental blueprints to grow your idea into a real, marketable product?


When first delivering your ideas to a mobile app creator, the first thing you may notice is that things might not line up exactly as they did in your head. Fear not—this is exactly what mobile app design companies prepare for. Custom mobile app developers like MobileTek work with you to flush out your ideas and deliver an app maximized to fit your needs. Offering custom-tailored mobile solutions and cross-platform development, we at MobileTek ensure that ideas get translated into workable solutions to deliver an incredible customer experience inside your app.


The next stage in mobile app growth is discovery: How are people going to find your product? During this phase, it is important to both nail down what exactly your app does and does well, and also lock in the customer base that will benefit most from your product. Who needs what you do, and needs it badly? As Entrepreneur explains, "build a solution for them they can’t live without, and boom, you’ve got an organic spread for your product because they won’t stop talking about it." In other words, an app targeted towards a certain group will sell itself through discovery and referral.


Once your app has been downloaded, how do you make sure it stays fresh and useful for the user? Over a quarter of all apps get used just once before getting chucked into the recycle bin. If you've delivered a quality app to your niche, you may avoid landing in this 25%. However, it still may be useful to re-engage with users over time. Push notifications are one way to bring users back, but only if employed astutely—an app that pings you to return 10 times a day is sure to land itself in the trash.

Custom mobile app development is not a straight line, but a cycle. After these three stages, be prepared to analyze your app's performance and restart the process to ensure your app is working toward maximum growth. Collaborating with a mobile app design company is one way to nail down a successful design early on, and MobileTek can deliver a high-quality and responsive mobile app customized to your needs. Whether you're on your first or fortieth development cycle, we can take your vision and install our passion to create an enticing mobile experience for your customers.

How to Appeal to Tech-Minded Millennials

Heather Vacca - Tuesday, November 08, 2016
How to Appeal to Tech-Minded Millennials

Many Millennials live in small, overpriced spaces, which means they are constantly outside seeking affordable entertainment. Instead of spending money on furniture or appliances, they are spending money on coffee, craft brew and mobile apps that support their interests and behaviors. So, if you want to appeal to Millennials, then try appealing to their sense of affordability and to their mobile lifestyle. Here a few ways you can do that.

Excite Your Mobile Workforce

Forget about the desktop interface. Not entirely of course, but most Millennials engage with mobile apps. If your company’s mobile interface is poor, then it is likely for Millennials to become skeptical of your entire organization. Smartphone apps development is key in keeping your mobile workforce engaged and productive. A good mobile phone app developer understands how users engage with the app, not just why. Making an app usable, whether it is incorporating scanning technologies for front-line supply chain employees or providing an intuitive dashboard for managers and executives, results in an effective app that users actually use.

Suhas Uliyar of Oracle notes that, “An engaging and personalized user experience has become the new weapon in the battle to attract and retain millennial customers. Businesses that cannot add value for customers with a more convenient, functional, and relevant mobile experience have little chance of coming out on top.”

Customize Your App Delivery

Millennials have come to expect a seamless user experience, whether through consumer or work-related apps. For work-related applications, these digital natives know the information they need to make informed decisions and they want that information at their fingertips, literally. Apps like Mobiletek’s hyperSHIP provide both consumer and employee with customized data delivery. On the consumer side, orders are tracked in real-time. On the organization side, data regarding consumer habits and behavior are used for future decision-making. This is one example of an app that appeals to both Millennial consumers and Millennial employees.

If you want to keep your workforce engaged, then model your organization's apps after successful consumer apps. Custom mobile app development is key. Survey your employees to find out which apps they use regularly and why. Then, when a mobile application developer steps in to build your business' app, they have a realistic idea of user expectations.

What about affordability?

Millennials not only pay attention to how their money is spent, but they are generally more aware of limited resources than prior generations. When they choose their technology, they keep its limitations in mind and are careful not to pay for extras they don't intend to use. This means that your company's mobile app developer has to pay attention to the size of the app they develop. Phone memory is not infinite and Millenials are known to be "picky about their download choices." You want to ensure that they download your business' app and use it successfully.

Keeping your organization's' applications customized, efficient and mobile ready increases their Millennial appeal.



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