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Finding the Right Niche for Your App

Heather Vacca - Saturday, May 13, 2017

To build a profitable app, you must have a niche audience that is willing to download and use your app. Finding a niche is not the hard part. Rather, it’s finding a niche that is rewarding and worth your time.

Many app developers will create an app for Android or iOS based on what they enjoy, but this can be a huge mistake. It’s best to do a market analysis and research what your target audience would like to see from you. As you set out to develop a successful app, take the time to find a niche that is going to value and appreciate your app. Below are some tips to get you started.

Discover What People are Searching

During your brainstorming session, find out what people are searching for in the app stores. A keyword analysis tool will be useful. Pay attention to the specific words used, their context and search volumes. It’s helpful to put yourself in the user’s shoes so that you can envision the words and phrases they would type into the search box.

Start with Small Niches

People trust apps that are from reputable developers. You probably do, too! That’s why it’s a good idea to start with a small competitive niche to prove your worth. If you’re able to be successful with a small but worthwhile community, you can work toward growing your name. Once your app lands in larger and more competitive niches, people will recognize you.

Gather Ideas from Past Apps

Another way to find a niche audience is to browse through outdated apps that were once popular. Sometimes, app developers abandon apps even though people need the services. If you can include all of the previous features in the app, plus add new functionalities, you’ll win over the user base that the previous developer built up.

Optimize Your App Page

Your app page is like a landing page because its role is to convert users. And you only have seconds to do this. Explain in one to two sentences what the app does and why someone should download it. Your screenshots should give users an idea of how your app works, what it looks like, how it can be customized, etc.

Focus on Profitable Niches

Before creating an app, factor in time and availability. The last thing you want to do is waste thousands of dollars on an app that only gets a few downloads. Focus on niches that require less time and are easy to please. Negative reviews can sink your app, especially if you ask people to pay for it. Even a $.99 app can draw a lot of criticism. To avoid the wrath of negative reviews, be available to receive feedback by giving users your contact information.

Finding the right niche for your app takes time. The more prepared you are, the better app you can build. You’ll know exactly who you’re reaching out to, what their expectations are and how to optimize your app accordingly.

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