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What Makes an App Popular?

Heather Vacca - Wednesday, August 03, 2016
What Makes an App Popular?

Many mobile app design companies struggle to determine what makes an app popular. Unfortunately, there is no right answer, though there are factors that contribute.

Pokemon Go has recently taken multiple app stores by storm. Its daily use has surpassed that of Twitter and Facebook, and it was recently named as Apple's most popular app of all time. In order to discover what makes an app popular, we'll examine qualities of Pokemon Go.

Pop Culture

The Pokemon franchise is rich and detailed. Initially launched in 1995, Pokemon began as a pair of video games but soon encompassed collectible card games, animated series, and comic books.

Some of Pokemon Go's popularity derives from its decades-long franchise history. A generation grew up playing Pokemon games, while another watched in bewilderment. When the hit game was launched in July 2016, it surfaced in an environment where players and potential gamers knew its backstory. By capitalizing on this pop culture appeal, Pokemon Go was able to catapult its popularity significantly higher than other, lesser-known mobile titles.

Provide Innovative Experiences

Application development for mobile platforms opens up new possibilities. Apps can integrate the player's position, surroundings, motion, and field of view into experiences that are simply not possible on a laptop or desktop.

Pokemon Go transforms gaming from a solitary, indoor experience, to a gamified exploration of one's environment. Fitness is encouraged by motion tracking, and augmented reality enhances gameplay by weaving it into the player's surroundings. In-game locations are annotated with game text, thus teaching players rich details about their neighborhoods and communities.

Popular apps embrace mobile technology, enriching experiences with levels of detail that only mobile devices can provide. It isn't enough to simply provide information or flat interaction. Instead, apps must capitalize on the uniqueness of their platforms to make consumers' lives easier and more enjoyable.

Play Well With Others

Pokemon Go drives players to local businesses and works of art as part of its gameplay. Not only does this increase community knowledge and involvement, but it also creates potential new customers for nearby establishments. While businesses do not yet pay a fee for this privilege, it is not unthinkable that a future version of the game may sell the ability for businesses to be a part of the Pokemon Go world.

The most popular mobile apps are able to interact with other apps and businesses where possible. Not only does this increase awareness through cross promotion, but it also makes an app more useful and fun. If an app helps users discover a new restaurant or coffee shop, and in turn is promoted to new users at that same shop, it has acquired a powerful ingredient in the recipe for popularity.


Had Pokemon Go only used augmented reality, or leveraged the Pokemon franchise, it may not have been as popular. It is only because it has employed many strategies that it has become one of the most popular apps of all time.

Are Physical Stores Becoming Obsolete?

Heather Vacca - Tuesday, July 26, 2016
Are Physical Stores Becoming Obsolete?

If you’re reading this article, you may be asking yourself the question, ”When was the last time I actually went shopping?" If you’re like the majority of Americans, it’s probably been a while. The reason behind this is not the fact that most people have completely stopped shopping. For most of us, we no longer feel the need to go shopping, thanks to the explosion of mobile apps developed over the past several years. Mobile commerce, or m-commerce, has made it easier for shoppers to easily purchase whatever they like from the comfort of their living room. Today, it is more common for a retailer to have a mobile app than ever before.

What’s Happening

Whether you’re looking for store-specific apps like CVS, Target or Sephora, or product-search apps like Amazon and eBay, the market for mobile app designers is massive. Due to the explosion of the online shopping market, the need for cross platform app development is growing rapidly. Physical storefronts are no long the main focus for retailers, especially retailers that are looking to succeed within the digital realm. In a world obsessed with social media and electronic devices, your brand would suffer if it was not fully optimized for mobile. Believe it or not, recent data shows that the number of Google searches on mobile devices surpasses computer and tablet searches.

Growth of E-commerce

Shopping habits have shifted and e-commerce is set to surpass brick and mortar growth over the next five years. Because who wants to wait in line at a store when you can point, click and buy virtually everything you need from the comfort of your own home?

 Not only is e-commerce growing at an incredible rate, m-commerce has come to the forefront of the retail industry within the last few years. Most retailers have moved their focus to creating an easy to use mobile app. With the continuous advancement of the mobile industry, consumers are now more confident in the security of mobile applications and prefer to make purchases through their smartphones.

Bridging the Gap

At this point, the need for a transformation is evident. Retailers know that they need to make major changes to incorporate technology into storefronts to make them more interactive and  keep up with m-commerce. One example of this technology is beacons. Beacons are detectors that are set up at key location points throughout a store, such as the entrance and the fitting rooms. When a shopper approaches or leaves a retail location, a notification or message will be sent to their smartphone promoting products, special sale events and other useful information that will encourage the shopper to make a purchase. Beacon technology has made it all the more important for retailers to develop a mobile application that the beacons can connect with.

There is much debate around the question of physical storefronts becoming obsolete. There is no way to know for sure, but what we do know is if they don’t start adopting the technology that is becoming more readily available, they may not stand a chance.

The Best Mobile Apps for Restaurant Chains

Heather Vacca - Tuesday, July 19, 2016
The Best Mobile Apps for Restaurant Chains

As a restaurant business owner in the mobile application age, you need to have a potpourri of applications. Your objective should be to have mobile apps that enhance your customers’ experiences, reel in potential customers, and save your business time and money. You need a team of developers who can create the perfect collection of apps with the mobile app design and theme that you adore. You will need several of the following types of applications, which are crucial for business success.

Menu Application

What’s on the menu? Letting your customers and potential customers know their options is crucial. A mobile app creator can construct a custom menu application for you so that your current customers and potential customers can stay abreast of the items that you have to offer. Hungry people want to know what you have to offer before they get there. Some of them like to order their food beforehand so they can pick their food up and leave. A specialist can customize a menu app to allow for quick order placement, accurate price listings and more.

Inventory Applications

One of the worst incidents that occur within a restaurant is the dreaded “86“ event. The servers have to tell the customers that they are out of an item because the person who did the ordering did not order an adequate amount of it. An inventory application keeps precise record of everything that goes in and out your business. The application notifies you when you need to order items so that you never get caught without something.

Coupon or Rewards Applications

Coupon apps and rewards program applications can help you appease your customers and boost retention numbers. Rewards programs give a little bit back to your customers, and they appreciate that. You will need to order such an application from the mobile app development lab to succeed.

Social Applications

Social applications are necessary because they help save time and money. The social app that you obtain will allow your team members to stay in touch with each other using video messaging, instant messaging and more. It will allow your mobile team members to perform their jobs while they continue to keep in touch with the main base. Let us know what you need. No task is too difficult for our developers.

Photography Application

A good photography application is a requirement for a restaurant business. You will want to showcase your foods and drinks in a mouth-watering way that makes your establishment irresistible to the customers. Good-looking food is one of the main attractions on social media and helps boost your popularity and following online. We will be delighted to make your vision turn into a reality by creating the perfect mobile apps design for you.

Here at Mobiletek, we pride ourselves on the excellence of our application development for mobile. We are leaders in innovation and technology who differ greatly from other mobile app design companies. All you need to do is tell us what platform you want your app to fit and write down your vision for us to get you started on your journey to excellence.

Why Professional Expertise Matters In App Design

Heather Vacca - Thursday, July 14, 2016
Why Professional Expertise Matters In App Design

You're probably already well aware that the majority of your current and potential customers use smartphones and other mobile devices. So, reaching out to them with a custom app is a great idea. Though, not all apps are created equal. Custom mobile app development is a field where professionalism makes a crucial difference. If you haven't considered hiring a dedicated mobile app developer to help you, now's the time to think it over.

The Difference Between Having An App And Having A Great App

Creating an app for your business can be an important step in reaching out to customers. There are plenty of marketers who will tout the power of having your own app; it's equivalent to creating a captive audience of receptive customers. We'll tell you what marketers won't, though: Your app isn't going to be worth much if none of your customers want to use it.

Even though mobile device usage is growing every day, a new app faces steep challenges. Roughly 70 percent of apps get tried once and then uninstalled. In terms of long-term acceptance, less than five percent of all apps get used for more than a month. 

This is why you need an expert app developing company in your corner. Although you may have in-house IT pros capable of putting together something that works on your phone, only a professional mobile app creator can deliver a product that gets real traction with your customers.

What A Professional Team Can Do For You

If you'll look again at the numbers above, you can see that what an app needs to do in order to gain lots of users is to prove its usefulness fast. At MobileTek, we pride ourselves on building apps that make a great first impression. We make every aspect of the user experience a priority.

Custom mobile app development is all about pinpointing the key functionality that your users will most appreciate. First you must identify the core tasks your customers want to be able to complete through a mobile app and build a streamlined, easy-to-use tool that lets them do it. Simplicity is important in getting an app off the ground; it is important to stick to the most important functions and avoid loading down your software with stuff that won't get used.

Building For Growth

The problem with apps developed by amateurs is that even if they work well and resonate with their users, they're rarely designed for long-term growth. They may not work with all hardware. They may break down when they scale up to a larger user base. Most importantly, they're usually lacking in the analytic tools you need to track your app's usage and make worthwhile improvements.

Cross platform app development is one of MobileTek's specialties. We'll make sure that your customers can use your app and get the same great experience regardless of the device they use. We deliver back-end features every bit as robust as our UX design, too. You'll get all of the analytic and support features you need to plan for future expansion as your user base grows.

Building a great app can have an enormous impact on your online business. Great apps don't just appear at random, though, and your odds of creating one with an amateur development team are slim. Stack the deck in your favor by investing in an experienced app developing company. You'll be impressed with the results!

Key Software Systems Expands with a New Member to their MobileTek Development Team

Heather Vacca - Wednesday, July 13, 2016
Key Software Systems Expands with a New Member to their MobileTek Development Team

Wall Township, NJ – Key Software Systems, developers of Xcelerator, MobileTek and Fleet Commander, proudly announce the addition of Bill McRoberts to their MobileTek development team.

System Architect Chris Miller states, “There are a lot of exciting MobileTek advancements coming in 2016 to existing products and features and also the development of brand new products.  Bill brings a vast amount of knowledge and experience with him and we are happy to add him to our MobileTek team.”

“I am excited to join MobileTek as it is focused on using the latest cross-platform mobile technologies in an industry that is moving forward fast,” says Bill.  Outside of work Bill enjoys running and hiking with his family and playing Minecraft with his daughter.



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