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Tech Start-Ups Currently on the Rise

Heather Vacca - Thursday, March 02, 2017

Fresh new tech startups are everywhere these days, aspiring to be the next Snapchat or Yik Yak. Of course, there’s no reason why these startups can’t work. Compared to larger firms, smaller companies tend to have flexible work environments and casual personalities, leading to enhanced creativity and innovation. At the same time, the competition for startups is stiff.

Let’s take a look at some of the latest tech startups on the rise and why they might just be the game changers they intend to be.


We know how popular Uber and Lyft have become, so what could stop Getaround from, well, getting around?

Getaround is an app that lets you rent cars from other people as opposed to a traditional rental company like Budget. The app has seen significant growth in a short amount of time in terms of revenue and user base. With options for people to earn extra income, plus built-in smart technology that makes the renting process safe and easy, this startup is built for success.


Metromile has been operating under the radar for a few years now, but they’ve been busy. In the fall of last year, the company announced that it had raised nearly $200 million in a series of investment rounds while aligning itself to become the next big independent auto insurer.

What makes this tech startup company unique is that it charges drivers by the mile. It’s a great alternative for low-mileage drivers, with fees around $35 a month. The company has even teamed up with Uber to offer personal and commercial insurance.


When you want to manage your investments via your smartphone, there are no shortage of apps. So what makes New York-based Stash a winner with over 300,000 users?

For one, people like the fact that they can invest as little as $5 to get started. Second, Stash is a great option for people who are just beginning to grow their nest egg. The choices are not overwhelming, and there are a ton of interactive tools that allow users to feel in charge of their investments.

With catchy portfolio options and a focus on the millennial generation, Stash is a feel-good app with plenty of potential.

The above startups are just a few examples of tech companies on the rise. Plenty more are showing their true colors and exciting us for what’s to come. Thanks to these incredible startups, people have more options to manage their finances and generate extra income on the side, two essentials in life that give these apps momentum to grow.

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