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The Best Apps for College Students

Heather Vacca - Monday, March 27, 2017

According to a 2015 McGraw-Hill Education report, 77 percent of students said that mobile devices helped improve their grades. Sixty-two percent of students said that technology allowed them to feel more prepared for class. Not all education apps are created equal, however. Only some are effective at helping students succeed in college, especially when it comes time to suffer through all-nighters and midterms.

Below is a collection of our favorite apps for college students in 2017. We’re sure you will find them to be a good use of your time as well!


For years, Evernote has been one of the most popular note-taking apps, and it keeps getting better. The interface proves helpful for college students, as it allows you to take notes, attach files, set reminders and organize to-do lists. The app also has a camera feature, making it easy to save any photo or document. Free users get a maximum limit of 60 MB per month.


College students save and send tons of files, and many of them get lost or misplaced. To streamline these important documents, Dropbox lets you store and share up to 2 GB worth of photos, videos and docs. You can also add notes to any of the files, a feature that comes in handy when working on group projects.

Thanks to the recent partnership with Microsoft, it’s now possible to edit Microsoft Office files on your mobile device and save them to Dropbox.

My Study Life

Ditch the traditional paper planners and replace them with the My Study Life app. This app lets you keep track of your workload across all devices. Manage your college courses by week or day, keep track of projects in the cloud and receive notifications about upcoming exams. The ability to color code makes at-a-glance calendar checks even simpler.


We all know that college students aren’t the best financial record keepers, but Mint helps out with that. This money-management app helps you create a reasonable budget, track your spending habits and calculate your credit score. By knowing where your money is going, you can set budgets that you can stick to.

Sleep Time

Despite what young people think, pulling all-nighters is not a healthy way to live. Getting sleep is important during college, and the Sleep Time app can promote a better sleep cycle. Sleep Time uses sleep science research to analyze your sleep stages. You are carefully woken up based on these cycles, and the app can determine how caffeine or stress affects your night. It also takes the place of an expensive fitness tracker. Double win!


The Chegg app provides information about textbook sales and rentals, saving users up to 90 percent off traditional book prices. Additionally, the Chegg Tutor app connects you with live tutors who are happy to help answer questions on your assignments. Both apps require you to be a member, which costs $14.99 a month.

With a wide range of mobile apps, college students can stay organized, keep on top of their grades and manage their finances accordingly. You’re already on your smartphone all day anyway - might as well take advantage of the useful apps that are out there! If you’ve got an idea for a mobile app in any situation, contact a trusted mobile apps developer today!

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