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The Most Common User Interface Design Mistakes to Avoid

Heather Vacca - Wednesday, May 24, 2017

When building a mobile app, there are user interface design mistakes that you want to avoid. User interface has to do with both the appearance of the design and the placement of the elements within the design. In other words, it’s the parts that users can see. If your app doesn’t provide clarity or is found to be confusing, users aren’t going to use it. Worse yet, it can scare users away from anything that your brand develops.

Below are the most common user interface design mistakes to steer clear of when building your next mobile app.

Poor Color Choices

It’s recommended not to use the “wrong” colors in your design, but what exactly are the wrong colors? This is a vague topic, albeit essential. When deciding on color, choose hues that match your brand and audience. Keep your mobile app color scheme clean and consistent, meaning that you use the same colors for the same functions. Also limit your use of different colors, as you don’t want to overwhelm the user.

Too Many Words

Apps are meant to be streamlined, so overcrowding the interface with too many words will chase users away. Use as few words as possible, and include visuals when conveying your message. If you need to explain something or share information, break down the text in bullet points with subheadings.

Poor Performance

One of the main reasons why mobile apps are overtaking websites is because they are faster, more streamlined and highly personalized. Don’t let fans down by giving them an app that has performance issues. Of course, no app is perfect, so leave a way for users to contact you if they are experiencing trouble. Fortunately, you can easily update your app to fix most performance problems.

Too Many Clicks

Another thing you want to avoid on your app is too many clicks. Users should be able to get the information they want quickly and efficiently. Websites can be frustrating because users have to click on multiple pages, fill out forms, update contact information and more. Apps are simple and intuitive, allowing users to accomplish what they want in a few clicks or less.

Invalid Code

Thanks to XHTML and CSS, you don’t have to roll out an app that has a glitchy appearance. Have control over the look of your app and how it functions in all situations. If a user has to download extra software just to view your app, they probably won’t use your app at all.

Excessive Advertisements

Some advertisements are OK. You have to make money, after all, and users expect that free apps are going to come with some ads. However, the excessive use of advertisements can destroy the user experience. You might lose sales and customers, and your app can end up looking unprofessional.

Many user interface design mistakes can be made when building an app. To avoid them, start thinking about navigation, messaging, color schemes, etc. during the design phase. Put yourself in the user’s shoes as you imagine using the app. The better UI design that you have, the more users will trust it, leading to increased conversions and sales.

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