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The Stages of Mobile App Growth

Heather Vacca - Wednesday, November 23, 2016

So you have an idea for an app: You know how you want to reach out to customers, how the user interface should look, and how everything should work together to give your customers precisely the experience they deserve. This is all great, but how do you ink in those rough sketches and print those mental blueprints to grow your idea into a real, marketable product?


When first delivering your ideas to a mobile app creator, the first thing you may notice is that things might not line up exactly as they did in your head. Fear not—this is exactly what mobile app design companies prepare for. Custom mobile app developers like MobileTek work with you to flush out your ideas and deliver an app maximized to fit your needs. Offering custom-tailored mobile solutions and cross-platform development, we at MobileTek ensure that ideas get translated into workable solutions to deliver an incredible customer experience inside your app.


The next stage in mobile app growth is discovery: How are people going to find your product? During this phase, it is important to both nail down what exactly your app does and does well, and also lock in the customer base that will benefit most from your product. Who needs what you do, and needs it badly? As Entrepreneur explains, "build a solution for them they can’t live without, and boom, you’ve got an organic spread for your product because they won’t stop talking about it." In other words, an app targeted towards a certain group will sell itself through discovery and referral.


Once your app has been downloaded, how do you make sure it stays fresh and useful for the user? Over a quarter of all apps get used just once before getting chucked into the recycle bin. If you've delivered a quality app to your niche, you may avoid landing in this 25%. However, it still may be useful to re-engage with users over time. Push notifications are one way to bring users back, but only if employed astutely—an app that pings you to return 10 times a day is sure to land itself in the trash.

Custom mobile app development is not a straight line, but a cycle. After these three stages, be prepared to analyze your app's performance and restart the process to ensure your app is working toward maximum growth. Collaborating with a mobile app design company is one way to nail down a successful design early on, and MobileTek can deliver a high-quality and responsive mobile app customized to your needs. Whether you're on your first or fortieth development cycle, we can take your vision and install our passion to create an enticing mobile experience for your customers.

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